Project NOhep

Viral hepatitis, caused by hepatitis viruses A through E, still remains a major public health problem in India. Since India has one-fifth of the world's population, it accounts for a large proportion of the worldwide HBV burden. India harbors 10–15% of the entire pool of HBV carriers of the world. It has been estimated that India has around 40 million HBV carriers. About 15–25% of HBsAg carriers are likely to suffer from cirrhosis and liver cancer and may die prematurely. Infections occurring during infancy and childhood have the greatest risk of becoming chronic. Of the 2.6 Crore (26 million) infants born every year in India, approximately 10 Lakhs (1 million) run the life-time risk of developing chronic HBV.
In order to meet our objectives, we will implement various activities throughout the year round in order to meet our objectives and help community to improve quality of life through better health.
Create awareness, education and knowledge among the people on Viral Hepatitis & Sanitation through IEC (Information, Education and Communication) and BCC (Behavioral Change Communication) programs.
Organise Health Awareness Program- An intensive campaign for awareness generation will be held using different method such as health awareness camp, meeting, events, street plays one to one, big events and sensitization with various groups of the society.
To improve health of the people through general health check-up and vaccination camps.
To reduce risk behavior like unsafe sex and alcohol use to prevent various blood transmitted diseases.
Identification of drop out under UIP & private hospital vaccination. Household survey to be conducted for 100% households & vaccination cards are checked for proper vaccination schedule & dropouts are identified.
To promote condom usage through general awareness and social marketing.
Immunization of dropout children for Hepatitis B