Project EKJUT

This was the case when the world was operating at normalcy but on 24 March, when the Government of India has ordered a nationwide lockdown, it limited the movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure against the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in India.

The state of menstrual health in India is in a worse situation than before as many women are not able to purchase the required menstrual health supplies as the funds are directed towards meeting food requirements. Menstrual health and hygiene aren’t being prioritized.

Coronavirus layoffs have affected populations disproportionately, leaving low-paying job workers and daily wage workers helpless. For informal sector workers and rural poor, missing even a day’s earnings can make it difficult to buy basic food items, and joblessness extended over several days can mean economic ruin. Luckily, the social safety net of India comprising of many schemes and NGOs, including RANN, is extending a helping hand in these trying times. Crowdfunding initiatives and systematic distribution of ration is being done to provide relief to those who are hardest hit in this pandemic. 

To aid women in such a tumultuous time, RANN Foundation took the decision to continue its Ration/Nutrition Kits & menstrual health hygiene project in collaboration with Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

Having taken complete precautions with gloves and masks, volunteers from RANN Foundation took cartons of healthcare kits containing Dry Ration, Nutrition Kits, Milk Packets & Sanitary Pads, girl's helpline numbers, Soap and a MYOP pamphlet on how to make pads at home. Those receiving the kits were also required to take all necessary precautions