Bio Toilet

Anaerobic Bio Toilets

The primary function of the anaerobic biological toilets is to completely eliminate open defecation. The biological toilet consists of a purpose built multi chambered bio digester tank in which the wastes are stored. The movement of the wastes is slowed down as the wastes flows from one chamber to another by a special process in the Bio digester tank so that the multi strain bio media present in the tank can digest the wastes and convert them fully into nontoxic neutral water and gases.

The Biological toilets come in Portable as well as Stationary models, so it can easily be used in construction sites and open spaces. The Biological Toilets eliminate septic tanks, sewage lines and need for any periodic sludge removal. The toilet system is simple to operate and safe for users.

Special Features of Bio Toilets

The Bio Digester tank is a multi-chambered tank

The wastes are transferred from the toilet pan to the Bio digester tank by a P- Traps

The wastes flow from one chamber to another by a special patented process. The multi-strain bacteria convert human waste to water and gases using AMI (Anaerobic Microbial Inoculum) which is fed in the system at the beginning of the process.

The Bio digester tank contains multi strain aerobic bacteria (AMI) that starts the digestion of the wastes immediately and requires around 3 days of HRT (Hydraulic retention time ) for conversion of over 80% of waste into water and gases.

The Biological toilet converts the human wastes into water, methane and carbon dioxide.

It prevents spread of diseases and epidemics caused by harmful E coli spread by dumping of unprocessed human wastes.

Provide a better, hygienic sanitation alternative for the people of the society