The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented suffering throughout the world. The containment measures undertaken to control the pandemic have taken a heavy toll on economies and societies worldwide. In India, the nationwide lockdown extended 3 times before ending on 31st May. It had a disastrous impact on employment & earnings and disrupted the public health system.

Many surveys verified the fact that Indian workforce of daily wage labourers and migrant workers were crippled due to job losses and food scarcity. People belonging to the urban informal sector, who depended on daily income (street vendors, rickshaw drivers, plumbers, carpenters, etc) were out of jobs for weeks and are one of the worst affected groups.

All this data prompted us to initiate “Project PRARAMBH” which aims to extend support towards livelihood restoration of marginalized individuals who have suffered a denting loss of their livelihood due to the pandemic.

Affected families will be provided commercial carts to initiate their income generation activities. These carts can be used for various activities like selling vegetables, clothes, shoes, transportation of materials, etc. We expect each individual to earn Rs. 500/- to Rs. 800/ day and to manage their families firmly.