RANN took an initiative to empower women through Vocational Training (Cutting and Tailoring) aimed at empowering the underprivileged women with tailoring, cutting and embroidery skills. RANN mobilized women to discuss their problems, and felt to propose to receive vocational training in a village of Cutting-Tailoring and Embroidery. The organization also realized that merely imparting literacy would not be sufficient to uplift the status. Thus, it is important to sharpen the skills through training programs and promoted it as income generating for the women. This makes them to stand on their feet and provide support for their families. RANN had designed the program in such a way to enhance the quality of life of women through enhancing their knowledge, skills and to provide an opportunity to work as social entrepreneur.

RANN will set up its first vocational skill training center to make women self-sufficient and confident. The very first purpose of basic tailoring skills is to enable women to work. They can continue in their traditional role as homemaker and yet earn. Tailoring is something which women can immediately start right from their homes upon completion of their course. At PANKH centre interested women will be trained in tailoring and designing skills. The course duration will be 4 months for basic cutting & sewing. Later the participants can progress to the next level, which is training in detailed art & creativity.

Goal of the project

To contribute to poverty reduction and improved Vocational skill amongst marginalized girls & women to enhance the quality of life.


  • To provide vocational training in tailoring and technical capacity building to enable them to run a business within one year.
  • To provide 60 women (One Batch) with basic equipment to start a business to become organised in community-based working units to effectively manage and run their businesses.
  • To provide them with technical, administrative and logistical support and promote their products in the market.  
  • To Teach them to make cloth sanitary PADS and ensure the distribution of these PADS to community.

The main focus and objective of our initiative is to conduct livelihood programs for women & girls to create sustainable livelihoods, build up confidence.

Outline of the project:

  • 60 Participants (One Batch) will be exposing to training techniques mainly designed to develop their skills and performance in Tailoring. Training topics will set out to meet their training needs and to overcome their difficulties. The training will be comprehensive and including all necessary topics in the mentioned subjects.
  • The training will include both in the classrooms in the training center and practical work. RANN with the help of professionals would be developing learning material and teaching aids which will be used while imparting training. The trainees would also be taken out on exposure visits and they will be taught other skills on how to open their own shops/start working from home etc.
  • Formation of SHG will be an addition in the process of empowering these women who will be getting trained in cutting and tailoring course. SHG participation can lead to modest improvements in economic, political, social, and psychological dimensions of empowerment.